About us
The company

We are a technological start-up operating in the field of high technology, which includes the aeronautic and automobile industry. CREATEC was founded in 2016 as a legal entity with limited liability. The registered address of the company is in the Stalowa Wola economic zone located at the former Technology Incubator in Stalowa Wola. We also have an office in Krakow (ul. Bieżanowska 7/4, 30-812 Krakow). We support the development of existing solutions and implement totally new, unique ones on a global scale in the field of the processing of metals and plastics, measuring systems, 3D printing, CAD and expert computer systems through the effective transfer of academic knowledge to industry. The aim of Createc sp. z o.o. is to make good use of the experience and skills of the members of the team and the research and development potential of academic institutes in the realm of entrepreneurship and business. We have an extensive network of partners which we are constantly developing. In order to implement some projects, specially dedicated, interdisciplinary teams of specialists are formed in which representatives of universities and research institutes, businesses and experts from the industry can be found.

Mission and vision

Mission CREATEC Sp. z o.o.:

ÔÇ×We combine science with business, effectively commercialising innovative solutionsÔÇŁ

Vision CREATEC Sp. z o.o.:

ÔÇ×We would like to become a┬átechnological HUB creating a┬áproductive ecosystem for science and businessÔÇŁ

  • Maciej Nowosielski
    • Founder & CEO of Createc Sp. z┬áo.o.
    • Author of dozen publications and speeches
    • Coordinator of the acceleration programme organized by MIT Enterprise Forum Poland at CREATEC Poland sp. z┬áo.o.
    • Contractor of works under eight goal-oriented science and research projects
    • Co-author of two patent applications
    • Graduate of AGH University of Science and Technology, course: Management and production engineering
    • Winner of Startup Pitching Contest 2016
    • Auditor ISO 9001:2008
    • Within a┬áteam responsible for finding and winning new clients, preparation of sales offers, business analysis
  • Michal Kwiatkowski, PhD
    • Founder & CTO of Createc Sp. z┬áo.o.
    • Author of 38 publications & conference papers at international conferences
    • Co-author of three patent applications
    • Advisor and technical consultant in foundries, companies from IT and energy sector
    • PhD degree in metallurgy
    • Graduate of AGH University of Science and Technology, courses: Management and production engineering and Metallurgy
    • Contractor of works under ten goal-oriented science and research projects, implemented under the NCBR, PARP and MNiSW financing
    • Contractor of several dozen of evaluations, commissioned tasks, and deployments in metal processing area (casting/plastic processing), modern manufacturing technologies, quality control, and expert computer programmes in the aeronautic, automotive, metallurgy and energy industries
    • Within a┬áteam responsible for technological audits, technology enhancement, coordination of work with science units and activities related to commercialization from the technical side
  • Maciej Kwiatkowski
    R&D engineer
    • Graduate of AGH University of Science and Technology, course: Metallurgy
    • Contractor of two cases in R&D┬á projects, implemented under the NCBR
    • Co-author deployments and constractor commissioned works realized for metallurgical industry
    • Within a┬áteam responsible for realizing 3D printing tasks, computed tomography, 3D scanning and reverse engineering
    • Involved in preparation market research and analysis potential implementation for ideas and conceptions belonging to CREATEC or its Clients
    • Certificate of Autodesk Inventor 2016 ÔÇô beginning
  • ┼üukasz Lisiecki, PhD
    Process engineer
    • PhD in the field of Metallurgy
    • A graduate of the AGH University of Science and Technology – area of specialization: Metal Forming
    • Author of over 30 scientific publications on national and international scale and participant of over 10 international scientific conferences
    • Contractor of works in 7 research and R&D projects financed from the NCBR and NCN funds
    • Member of the Management Board of Polish Forging Association (ZKP)
    • A longtime co-worker and consultant with companies specializing in metal forming
    • Certified instructor (certificate number: 769) for the program to numerical simulation of plastic forming processes – QForm
    • Within a team responsible for cooperation with companies specialize in metal forming, design and coordination of the manufacturing as well as modification and optimization of technological processes.
  • KGHM CUPRUM Sp. z┬áo.o. Research and development centre

    A┬ábusiness partner on the ÔÇťraw materialsÔÇŁ path in the MIT Enterprise Forum Poland accelerator program. We work together to create specially designed solutions using aluminium foam to damp down the noise and vibration generated by O/ZWR Lubin infrastructure.

  • Foundation for Technology Entrepreneurship

    Coordinator of the accelerator program carried out by MIT Enterprise Forum Poland which is part of the global affiliated organisation of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Within the framework of acceleration with FPT support, we have developed a project for the low-energy recycling of aluminium shavings and processing them into aluminium foam.

  • JWP Rzecznicy Patentowi

    A patenting law office supporting CREATEC in all its operations in the field of the protection of intellectual property, related to the process of the creation and implementation of innovations in business.