Research and development aimed at implementing LPT parts of PW1000 engine using new generation ceramic filters manufactured in 3D printing process

The subject of the project is the development of the manufacturing technology of a precise parts for low pressure turbine integral parts of the new generation of PW1000 family engines, installed among others on Airbus A320neo aircraft. Its aim is to improve existing, unitary devices that utilize geometric and performance-related requirements in relation to production processes, development and pre-implementation work in the design processes. Ceramic casting molds, melts and vacuum foundry for printers with a ceramic filter, for quality control of castings with high degrees of X-ray and castings for the use of arch techniques.
Individual unit production processes and their processing by means of a demonstrative series of castings and their comprehensive control. Preferred to a new approach to the implementation of precise filtration processes, produced using 3D technology.

EU funding: 1 758 473,32 PLN