Turning non-recyclable aluminum waste into metal foams with multiple applications

Aluminum is becoming even more important raw material used in various industries and applications (e.g. lightweight electric vehicles). Over 50% of it produced out of collected waste such as aluminium scrap saving natural resources (bauxites) and energy. Since it requires only 5% of the energy required to produce the primary aluminum. Unfortunately, there is still large amount of aluminum waste (app 5.343 million tons p.a.) going to landfill each year which is neither cost efficient nor neutral to our environment. Createc developed a breaking technology in the form of a recycling process which allows to bring the non-recyclable aluminum waste back into the market thus closing the production cycle. We show how to produce an aluminum foam to make aluminum foam panels. The panels are in the interest of vehicle parts manufacturers, designers, and architects. The foam panels are perfect as energy or noise absorbers and at the same time lightweight with an attractive look. Our technology is environmentally friendly, meaning that we eliminate any chemicals in the production process and we use only 1% of the energy required to produce the primary aluminum. Our panels will be offered in B2B model as two product types:
1) the standard of- the-shelf panels for e.g. architects available at retail shops,
2) as highly customized and specialized products for the hi-tech industry (automotive, aerospace).

The aluminum foam market is quickly growing at 7% CAGR and is worth at least €200M in the automotive and decorative markets. The market demand for our foams has been initially confirmed with big manufacturers of car parts, potential customers for energy/noise absorbing panels and architects.
Within the Phase 1 project we aim at extending our knowledge of the business environment in our target markets, identify and seek for additional suppliers and customers, and evaluate viability of constructing our first production line.

Project is being realized: 1.01.2019-30.06.2019
EU Funding: 50.000,00 EUR
More information at the website.